Will I be compensated for the free trial week?
The short answer is yes but there are conditions. Potential clients do engage in the free trial week and quickly determine that online counseling is not for them. For this reason we ask that counselors reach a minimum threshold of communication to earn compensation for the trial week.

With traditional counseling many professionals offer a free initial consultation in their practice. We ask that you provide 3 days of messaging toward the free trial. If the client remains engaged after 3 days and a minimum of 5 messages are exchanged over the entire week, the counselor will be compensated even if the client chooses not to continue at the end of the week. In other words, If your client remains actively engaged with you beyond 3 days from the start of their trial, you will be compensated.

Most counselors find that after they work with a few clients they will develop a pattern for the first 3 days. They will use the time to go over expectations, counselor specific paperwork such as informed consent and disclosure, and of course intake questions and discussions. For clients who are even slightly serious it is usually very easy to fill the first 3 days with the above types of protocol.

How do I accept new clients?
When you log in you will be automatically directed to the Potential tab. There you will see new potential clients. These clients are not yet assigned to you and other counselors can see them as well.

In the inbox view you will be able to see their answers to our questionnaire. You can scroll down inside the box to read all of their responses. If you determine that you are a good fit for that client click on the “Accept” button for them. We ask that if you accept a new client you send them their first message immediately. You cannot accept any other new clients until you do.
Not all of the clients you accept will decide to continue on with the free trail. The ones that do will appear in your Active folder. You will see their responses there. For the clients who choose not to start the trial, you can view them at the bottom of the Potential tab. It’s a good idea to reach out to them once or twice more over the next few days.

How and when will I be compensated?
We aim to have payments made by the 15th of each month for the work for the previous month. We pay using direct deposit. In order to begin accepting clients you must first upload a voided blank check. To do this mouse over “My Account” then click on “Account”. Select “Uploads” on the left. Then click on the drop down “Select Type” and choose “Blank Check”. For “Document Name” we recommend you put your name. Then choose the file and submit.
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