Frequently asked questions

How does eTherapyPro online counseling work?
Your eTherapyPro online counseling account includes secure and confidential messaging that works like email. Communicate as often as you like back and forth with your therapist – whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you.

For an additional fee, you may schedule the following services directly with your counselor:

  • Live Chat
  • Live Video
  • Phone Call
Why should I try eTherapyPro?
With few exceptions, it’s great for anyone who longs to change their life for the better. Our licensed therapists can help guide you on your way to happiness. It’s completely free to try it out with no obligations.
Can eTherapyPro online counseling really help?
While everyone’s circumstances and experiences vary, people often report significant improvements in the first few weeks of online counseling. A growing body of research is showing that online therapy is very effective.

To be honest, online therapy isn’t for everyone. For others, it is the best option. This is why we encourage you to try our Consultation for only $5 and find out for yourself without any obligation.

Is online counseling as effective as in-person counseling?
This question is difficult to answer with a yes or no. A lot depends on your personality and preferences. The truth of the matter is that every situation is different. In most cases, online counseling will be as effective as in-person counseling. In some cases, online counseling is not a good fit. Sometimes it’s a better fit.

It comes down to your personal preference. Some people want the direct contact that comes with in-person counseling. Others like the anonymity online counseling provides. People choose eTherapyPro because the advantages match well with their personal preferences. Perhaps they are constantly on the go and don’t have time to attend in-person therapy. Perhaps they have psychological or physical limitations that make it difficult for them to leave their home. Maybe they just feel more comfortable in an online environment.

Take some time to think about yourself and your style. If you feel working with an online counselor is not your thing, we encourage you to keep looking until you find a solution that works for you. If you are on the fence, please try our Consultation for only $5. It’s the best way to know if it will be effective for you. There are no strings attached. You don’t even have to provide us with your real name.

When is online counseling NOT a good fit for me?
Excellent question!

Online counseling simply isn’t well-equipped to help in the following circumstances:

  • You are having thoughts of self-harm
  • You are having thoughts of harming others
  • You are considering suicide
  • You don’t have easy access to the internet
  • It doesn’t fit your style or personality
  • Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction
Does eTherapyPro actually provide my counseling?
No. The role of eTherapyPro is to connect you with a licensed professional counselor. Once we help you connect we provide a confidential place for you to exchange messages with them. The majority of the fee you pay is passed on to your counselor. They are the professional providing therapeutic services and eTherapyPro does not interfere with your counseling in any way. In other words, we only provide the platform for counseling. If you can think of any way we can improve your experience on eTherapyPro’s platform we would love to receive your feedback.
Who are eTherapyPro counselors?
All the counselors on eTherapyPro are professionals working across the United States. They all hold at least master’s degrees or above. They are all independent professionals who are licensed in their state of residence. The licensing laws in each state are unique but most require: a master’s degree or above, a practicum or internship, standardized exams, and 2000 hours of supervised counseling experience.
How long does it take to get matched with a counselor?
Usually, you can expect to hear from your counselor within 24 hours. If you joined on a weekend or holiday, please allow more time for a response. Contact Us if you haven’t heard from anyone in 48 hours.
Can I switch counselors?
Certainly. Often times learning to work with your counselor is an important part of the therapeutic process and your healing so we’d like for you to give your first counselor a try. We strive to match you with a good fit but that doesn’t always happen. If for any reason you feel like your counselor is not the best match for you please Contact Us and we’ll help you make a switch.
Are my messages with my counselor saved?
Yes they are. The messages work just like a private email account and you have the control. You can go back and reread them as often as you like. You can delete them if you wish.

Will my insurance cover the cost of online counseling?
Most insurance companies will not cover online counseling. That said, most insurance companies will charge a copay for meeting with a counselor ranging from $20-$60/session. At $55/week, our services fall right within that range. Some insurance companies provide a flexible spending account which will reimburse you for counseling services. In this case we provide customized invoices based on your needs.
How do I cancel eTherapyPro?
Don’t you hate it when online services make you call to cancel? With eTherapyPro you can cancel on your own any time, here’s how:

1. Login to

2. Navigate to the “Account” page

3. Click “Cancel”

4. Click “Yes, cancel this membership”

5. That’s it!

This is the only valid method for canceling your membership. Please do not call or email us to cancel.

Even though your membership will be cancelled and you will receive no further charges, your messages will be saved and you will have access to your account for as long as you like. If you ever need more help, you can start service up again any time and keep the same therapist if you like.

What if I’m a counselor that would like to work with eTherapyPro?
We’d love to hear from you. Please tell us a bit about yourself here.
Can I schedule live sessions?
Live sessions aren’t included in the consultation or the subscription. Some online counseling sites include “free” sessions with their subscription but they actually build the cost in and are priced considerably higher. But most people don’t actually use them. So instead of charging everyone for what only a few will use, we allow clients to purchase sessions separately at a competitive rate for live counseling. You can schedule a session right from your inbox!