How To Maintain The Perfect Balance Between Anxiety And Perfectionism?


Many people try to maintain the perfect balance, and when things do not go as planned, the element of anxiety appears. It is good to be a perfectionist. If you are a perfectionist, you will be appreciated everywhere. However, it is commonly seen that perfectionism encourages people to deliver flawless results. When the perfectionist fails to deliver expected results, they become depressed. Many perfectionists simply enjoy their activity because it brings them immense joy. The celebration of victory is always special, and most perfectionists are hyper-focused on their objective. They want a perfect outcome, but when they fail, the feeling of anxiety disturbs them.

Everyone has a fear of failure in their mind. Perfectionism means that you are completely devoted to your duties. When an individual fails to achieve the objective and if he or she is considered as a perfectionist, then things can become challenging for them. Some individuals believe that if they fail to deliver flawless outcomes, then there is some shortcomings in their performance. Everyone can complete the tasks, but failure can bring great disappointment. When the perfectionist fails to deliver, they fall in the grip of anxiety. The free online therapy sessions can help you to fight that anxiety.

The perfectionist believes that there should be no flaw visible in their efforts, and very often, they make repetitive efforts. Such acts consume a lot of time, and, when the result is not as per expectations, frustration and anxiety are likely to appear. Such people who have perfectionism often struggle to make decisions. It is because they are concerned about choices. The perfectionists are worried that a wrong decision can bring them failure. If anxiety is disturbing you, it is better to consult with the experts. After approaching the anxiety help online platform, it is possible to get solutions for the problems. Some people criticize themselves heavily when they fail.

Perfectionists want constructive and positive feedback from others as they have very high expectations of themselves. When they do not get positive feedback, then they believe that there is some shortcoming in the efforts. If anxiety is present in your mind to an extraordinary level, you must consult with an expert. Perfectionists have very high expectations of themselves, and this perception encourages them to put extra effort in any task. When the efforts deliver mediocre results, many people slip into depression and anxiety.

Tips to defeat the anxiety that appears due to perfectionism:

➔ Try to convince your mind that it is very normal to make mistakes. It is not a good habit to get irritated after making mistakes.
➔ Try to learn the fact that success is more important, and it is good to be a perfectionist, but success carries more value.
➔ You must establish realistic goals for yourself. Become aware of your tendencies.
➔ Talk to yourself as if you are talking to a friend.
➔ While working on a new project, mentally prepare yourself for small turbulence and fluctuations.

You should never give up hope and make repeated attempts to achieve the goals. If you are a perfectionist, it does not mean you can never make mistakes. Online counseling can make you aware of the best tactics that can be used for defeating anxiety.

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