Stress – The biggest enemy of physical and mental health


On Monday mornings, most of the people are under immense stress. Despite the best efforts, often we are unable to control the level of stress in life. Even if you oversleep for a few moments, it can become a big problem. Life becomes very hard due to the presence of stress. There are many issues that keep rotating inside the mind. You must calm down because stress is not the solution to any problem. All of us know that stress has a profound impact on human health. We should not ignore the element of stress and at the same time, we must learn how to control it. You can also use text a therapist free service.

Stress affects the body and its vital systems

You must believe that stress can affect all the vital systems of the body. When the stress is very high, it can accelerate the heartbeat and the level of adrenaline. Chronic stress can also lead to heart attacks as well as strokes. Extreme stress causes the nervous system to accelerate the heartbeat. It can increase the glucose level in the body. Very often, we see that people struggling with stress suffer from fatigue, depression and other immune disorders. Often, the muscles tighten up, and it can lead to migraines as well as serious headaches. The respiratory system of the body is also affected when the body encounters serious stress. It is also seen that the sexual desires of individuals diminish. Many women find it hard to conceive.

There are many physical symptoms of the stress as well

Many people will say that stress is just a state of mind. However, in actuality, stress affects physical health as well. Several types of digestive issues appear. The situation can deteriorate if the issues last for a very long time. Stress and anxiety snatch away our mental peace, and we do not find solace anywhere. The free therapy sessions can bring change in your life. After being immersed in depression, and anxiety for a long period, physical symptoms like headaches start appearing. Those who are under stress have tight muscles regularly. It gives birth to problems like headaches. Owing to chronic stress, low-grade fever also starts appearing regularly. The charm of life is lost, and the patients appear very depressed. Bad appetite and mood swings are also common problems.

When the mind is under enormous stress, we start breathing heavily. It could be the signal of a panic attack. According to some estimates, almost 5-10% of Americans experience panic attacks. Although panic attacks are not fatal, you should not take them very lightly. Most of the patients admit that they do not find any charm in life. However, where there is a will, there is a way. The free therapy sessions can bring light to the lives of the patients. Excessive exposure to stress can even lead to problems like “stress eating.” During stress eating, the patient consumes more food, and in the long run, it can lead to problems like obesity, weight gain, diabetes, etc.

Stress affects the body, but you can always make a positive change. Make a balanced diet plan and try to maintain a happy mood. Keep your distance from alcohol and other addictions. Exercise regularly and get a sound sleep. Stress management should be given importance or else the quality of life will get ruined. Consult with a therapist who can relieve you from the symptoms and teach you better ways of handling the stress. Eliminate stress and anxiety to live life more healthily.

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