How to Take Full Advantage of Your Free Counseling Session


Many online therapy platforms offer free counseling for the first few days. This is a great opportunity for people to explore the platform and see if their therapist can help them. Most people waste these initial free sessions and end up with a disappointing experience. We recommend taking full advantage of these sessions to determine whether online therapy is a good choice for you. Here are some tips that can help you make the right decisions:

Take These Sessions Seriously

It is common for people to take their first few sessions lightly. Some don’t trust therapy while others don’t believe online therapy is effective. Regardless of the reasons, they don’t invest their full attention in these sessions, which can make them less effective. Therapy is a two-way process and requires both the therapist and the patient to communicate well. If you don’t take these sessions seriously, you won’t be able to communicate your concerns well.

Therapists will also sense that you don’t seem to trust them or respect their qualifications. That may lead to discord or cause the therapist to become disengaged from the sessions. You only have a few free sessions so it is good to avoid wasting them. Be serious about counseling from the get-go to get the best results.

Be Honest

A therapist can only help you if you give them the right information. Don’t hide the symptoms you experience or the suspected causes of your mental distress. If the therapist has incomplete information, they won’t be able to help you at all. They may offer advice or solutions that may do more harm than good.

Be honest with your free therapist from the very first session. When they ask you probing questions, always reply straightforwardly. If you’re not comfortable answering the questions, just say that you’re not comfortable. The therapist will revisit the topic later when you’re in a more accepting state of mind. Honesty is the best way to establish a good rapport with your therapist.

Be Comfortable

When we’re uncomfortable, we tend to make mistakes or retreat into ourselves, which isn’t helpful when you’re attending a free counseling session. While it is common to be somewhat anxious during your first therapy session, you can take a few steps to make your environment comfortable. Light your favorite scented candle, play soothing music, make sure your space is free of clutter, and choose a quiet and comfortable space.

Taking these steps will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the session, which will help ensure it is more successful. If you’re not comfortable or secure at home, attend therapy at your friend’s house or visit your favorite park. The flexibility of online counseling ensures that you can choose your environment.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist some questions. Most therapists will ask a few guiding questions to help initiate the conversation and get you comfortable. They will also ask questions to get more information about your current mental health. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t ask a few questions of your own. Ask them how the therapy will proceed and what kind of information your therapist means. Ask them about your symptoms and mental health struggles. Sometimes the answers your therapist provides can be very validating.

Asking questions can also help you become more comfortable and confident, which will have a positive impact on your free counseling sessions. Once you have a free flow of communication with your therapist, it is easier to work on your mental health.

Follow the Advice

Therapy sessions may only last for an hour or so but you still need to implement the solutions discussed after the therapy is done. Following your free therapist’s advice and making sure you bring about a positive change in life can help you move forward. Don’t forget what your therapist says as soon as you finish your conversation.

Being proactive and serious about therapy is the best way to ensure success. You may also need fewer sessions if you are serious about therapy as you will start to feel better sooner.

If you follow these tips, you will get the most out of your free counseling sessions. All you need to do is commit and cooperate with your counselor.

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