Reasons Why A Consistent Online Therapy Schedule is Important


Online therapy offers a great deal of flexibility. You can schedule sessions at your convenience, choose the medium of communication, and access therapy from any location. Many people choose therapy specifically because they want to take advantage of this flexibility. However, it is possible to be a little too flexible with your therapy schedule. Experts recommend maintaining a consistent therapy schedule even when you are attending sessions online and there are some reasons why:

1. Developing a Habit

Therapy works effectively if it becomes a habit. You attend sessions regularly, discuss your concerns with the therapist, and actively work on implementing the solutions recommended. It is easier to develop a habit if you’re regular and consistent with it. If you want to really get good results from online therapy get into the habit of attending sessions regularly.

2. Less likely to Skip Sessions

It is tempting to skip lessons when you are a little busy or just aren’t in the mood to speak with the therapist. However, these things can interrupt your progress and slow down your healing. Maintaining consistency and skipping sessions only when there is an urgent task that requires your attention or when you are unwell is the best way to go. Ultimately, you will attend fewer sessions this way and save both time and money on therapy.

3. Effectiveness

Therapy is more effective when you are consistent and focused on your mental health without any significant breaks. For example, a session once in 15 days or so can help you remain on the right track when it comes to mental health. However, if you skip therapy for a couple of months and go back to regular sessions for a couple of months, alternating between the two options, you won’t see much progress. This is one of the reasons why many people struggle to find success with online therapy. They don’t take it as seriously as they take regular face-to-face sessions.

4. Helping the Therapist

Regular and consistent sessions also help your therapist understand you better. While most therapists do take notes and keep a record of the client’s progress, it is easier to develop a more nuanced understanding of the client’s issues if the sessions are regular and consistent. If they have a better understanding of your concerns, they can offer more effective solutions and support. By helping the therapist understand you better, you are helping yourself.

5. Easier Time with the Medium

For many patients, online therapy is an entirely new and different medium. Some struggle with it and don’t know if it is the right choice for them. We recommend sticking with online therapy for a few sessions and giving it your all for a while. After some sessions, it will become easier to use the medium and you will start seeing a marked improvement in yourself.

Online therapy requires just as much commitment from clients as face-to-face therapy. If you have a good schedule and remain consistent with it, you will see results quickly. eTherapyPro encourages clients to discuss their therapy requirements clearly with their counselor and come up with a schedule that suits their requirements.

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