Depression is Not a Destination You Can Walk to.

Walking may turn out to be one of the best cures for depression.
In a recent post on “Healthy Fit Advice” the correlation between walking and decreased depression was discussed. A summary of the main points are below:
Walking is good for your mental health. It clears your head, reduces anxiety, and improves your mood. It also increases blood flow strengthening your heart and muscles.
How do you get started? Try not to over think it. A walk starts with a single step so set a small and reasonable goal. It’s best to plan it out on paper or on your calendar.
A walking app can really help you stay committed. There are several free apps out there and they will remind you to go and keep track of your progress.
Research shows that the better your physical health the better your mental health will be. Walking helps to improve both.
Other important points:
Try to vary your path. New scenery and surroundings will help improve your mood and keep the exercise interesting.
Pay attention to your sleep patterns and see if they don’t improve.
Wear comfortable shoes.
Invite others to join you.
If you’d like to read the article in full you can find it here.
What are your thoughts on walking? Do you feel like the addition of walking might help curb depression? Please leave your comments below.
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