Why is eTherapy The Most Trending Thing Now?


Online therapy has gained a lot of traction over the past few years. In fact, it has become so popular that many people prefer it over traditional therapy mediums. They would rather attend an online session than visit a therapist’s office for some face-to-face counseling. There are several reasons behind this shift and we discuss them below:

1. The Pandemic

The pandemic is one of the biggest reasons behind this boom. People had no real access to therapy when lockdowns were implemented and looked for safer alternatives. Online therapy carried out over the internet or through phone calls became the best option. It allowed people to attend sessions from the comfort of their homes without risking being infected.

2. Convenience

The Pandemic may have kickstarted the trends but most people stick with online therapy because it is convenient. You can schedule therapy at any time, attend sessions from the comfort of your home, and don’t need to waste time or money on a commute. Face-to-face therapy is often more time-consuming than etherapy, which can be a problem for people with a tight schedule.

3. Affordable

Most eTherapy platforms are more affordable than traditional therapy options. These therapists don’t need to deal with overhead costs and have an easier time scheduling online appointments. You can save hundreds of dollars on therapy by picking an online platform. That makes things easier for people on a tight budget that have been putting off therapy because it is too expensive.

4. Anonymity

Some surveys show that people are more likely to attend online therapy sessions as opposed to traditional sessions because etherapy can be anonymous. You don’t need to share your name or even show your face to your therapist. You can share as much or as little of your personal details as you like. Studies show that teenagers in particular find this option appealing.

5. Options

Online therapy offers many options that traditional therapy can’t. There are therapists that specialize in particular niches you may not have access to in your hometown. For example, if you’re struggling with your sexuality or gender and your town doesn’t have a therapist that specializes in the field, you may have better luck finding support on eTherapy platforms. There are several therapist options available as well. If you can’t gel with your current therapist, you can easily switch to a different one online.

6. Accessibility

eTherapy is often more accessible than traditional therapy, especially to people in high-risk situations. Individuals living in abusive homes or dealing with sensitive issues may not be able to attend traditional counseling safely. Online therapy is a safer and more accessible option for them. It is also more accessible to people living in remote regions with little to no options available to them.

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