How to Convince a Friend to Get Online Counseling?

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It can be difficult to watch a loved one struggle with their mental health without stepping forward to help. You want to make sure your friend is alright and living a good life, but without treatment, mental health issues can have a big impact on a person.

However, sometimes people can be their own enemies. In such cases, you want to convince your friend to get online counseling. Especially if the friend has something like an anxiety disorder. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Understand Your Friend’s Thoughts on Mental Health

The last thing you want is to offend or alienate your friend, you want to coax them and help them understand that getting therapy from trained anxiety counselors is the best course of action.

You will know the best place to start by understanding your friend’s stance on mental health. Do they consider the topic taboo? Are they overly concerned about their image in society or reputation? Do they consider things like anxiety disorders a weakness or character flaw? The answer to these questions will help you determine your approach.

2. Understand their Mental Health concerns

The proof is one of your biggest tools. You want to make sure you have something substantial that can convince your friend to get online counseling. One of the best ways is to make a list of all of the symptoms you have noticed and then research online to see if they fit any particular disorder or concern.

Don’t use it as a way to diagnose your loved one, but as a way to understand what may be wrong with them before you attempt to convince them.

3. Check Their Mood

It is important to pick the right time and day to have such a conversation. Don’t do it if your friend is stressed, struggling, hungry, or tired. That would only make them feel overwhelmed. They may end up being even more resistant to the idea of meeting an anxiety counselor.

Pick a day when they are relaxed and unbothered. Make sure they have eaten or join them for a meal. Discussing such a topic when they are in a good mood will help. Don’t worry about ruining their mood because sometimes such a sacrifice has to be made.

4. Keep the Conversation Private

Keep the conversation private. Even if many of you are concerned, pick a single representative to have the conversation. Having it in public or involving too many people will only overwhelm your friend, especially if they suffer from anxiety disorders. Pick a quiet and comfortable place like a park, your home, or even an outdoor café. Any place that allows your friend to remain relaxed and open to conversation.

Even if you’re staging an intervention, it is necessary to be discreet and gentle for the sake of your loved one’s mental health. You can even ask for permission before you discuss the matter simply by asking if it is ok to talk about a sensitive topic.

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